Calculation of pipe dimension for hydraulic systems

For a flexible and trouble-free pipe system, it is important to use the correct pipe dimension, type, material and connection type for the application. 

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Determination of hose length

If you do not have the opportunity to bring your hose to your store when ordering assembled hose, you can get help here with how to measure your hose correctly.

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The irrigation range is excellent both for the management of private gardens, as well as for companies that are active in gardening and park management.

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CEJN couplings

The Swedish company CEJN produces and develops quick couplings for e.g. hydraulics, compressed air and high-pressure hydraulics of high and first-class quality.

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CrossOver hydraulic hose

Hydroscand's CrossOver hose is a new generation of hydraulic hose that meetS today's and tomorrow's requirements, especially for abrasion and UV radiation.

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High pressure - hose types and abbreviations

Hydroscand's high-pressure hose is suitable for applications from normal to those with extremely high pressures, high impulses and high temperatures. 

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Metal hose

Hydroscand's different types of metal hoses are suitable for transporting gases and cold and hot liquids and have a good ability to absorb vibrations in pipelines.

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Conversion tables

Here you will find conversion tables for pressure, vacuum, millimetres, inches and nw.

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Hydroscand Product Book

Browse online in the latest product book, which is divided into chapters to make reading easier.

Possibility to download each chapter is available via the respective link.

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SAE flanges dimensions

Here you will find tables and technical information about SAE flanges.

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Hoses for boat and marine

Here you will find fuel hose, sanitary hose, exhaust hose, water hose, hose for bilge pump and hose for tilt & trim. Hydroscand has a wide range of both boat hose and associated couplings .

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Safety instructions Prevost Piping System (PPS)

Here you will find a downloadable document with instructions and instructions.  Carefully follow the installation instructions in the document, an incorrectly installed system can be dangerous.

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