Hydroscand Branches

With nine locations across the country, carrying approximately £2 million pounds worth of stock, our branches are the backbone of our network. They are conveniently located and supported by our BFPA-accredited, skilled and friendly in-branch technicians who will help you to find a solution to any problem.

We know the time between a hose breakdown until the machine is operational again is very precious. Our in-branch staff will go the extra mile to get you help quickly and professionally, to get you back up and running in no time so that you can get back to work with minimal downtime.

Hose repair while-you-wait

Simply bring in your damaged hose and our qualified technicians will take it from there. In most cases we can get your hose assembly made up before you have finished browsing the shop floor.

Proximity to our customers

Our philosophy is simple and as valid now as it was when Hydroscand started 50 years ago – we want to always be close to our customers.


Always ready to help

We offer unparalleled flexibility and service level. Many of our branches are on call 24/7, and if you need help on site we offer HoseExpress mobile service units.

Complete product range

Our branches carry a comprehensive product range, optimized for the local market. Should you have unique requirements, we can always help out with that as well.

Experts in our niche

You can expect nothing but cutting-edge expertise from our highly knowledgeable staff, and our branches are equipped with modern machinery to ensure high quality.

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