Excellence in Action: How Hydroscand Supports Keltbray Rail Plant's High Standards in Rail Equipment Maintenance

We spoke to Gareth Hewitt, Maintenance Manager at Keltbray Rail Plant about his company’s relationship with Hydroscand.

Keltbray Rail Plant offers dedicated support of machines to all areas of rail infrastructure including but not limited to, overhead line electrification, civil engineering, renewals and piling. They service and maintain to the highest standards to ensure safety and quality is at the heart of their business. 

Hydroscand are proud to be a supplier to Keltbray for around three and a half years and look forward to continuing this synergy for years to come.

Why does Keltbray Rail Plant come to Hydroscand?

Keltbray have been using the services of Hydroscand for some time now.  In the beginning we turned to Hydroscand Cardiff for support and in the last 12 months have extended our hydraulic requirements to Hydroscand Birmingham through the support of Account and Sales Manager, Steve Tomkins.

What keeps Keltbray Rail Plant coming back to Hydroscand?

Price can always be a factor but at Keltbray getting the job done right first time is key with safety always at the front of our minds. This is why I choose to turn to Steve and the Hydroscand team to look out for the best interests of our company and supplying experienced and fully trained technicians to work on our machinery.  The Hydroscand product is of superior quality and very reliable, we have experienced no issues with regards to this and I have confidence what Hydroscand supply and fit will last.

What jobs have Hydroscand done for Keltbray Rail Plant?

At Keltbray we do everything possible to minimise any unforeseen downtime through our constant and meticulous machine safety and operational checks.  We have a hydraulic refurbishment regime where we call upon Hydroscand’s help to us complete this.

Steve Tomkins added: “Gareth’s support to Hydroscand is always appreciated and I know our business can react efficiently to deliver the close service support a company like Keltbray are looking for, in a hydraulic hose company.”

In recent weeks Hydroscand have had the privilege to successfully complete a full hydraulic hose refurbishment on Keltbray’s Zeck machine.  This £1.3m bespoke built machine is one of two in the world.  The refurbishment saw our technicians remove and reinstate with new, more than 200 Hydroscand branded hydraulic hoses and hydraulically related parts.  The project was broken down in to two parts: the chassis and the Zeck skid which sits on the chassis as one unit.

The entire team at our Birmingham branch were involved: Martyn Lewis, Branch Manager; Jack Taylor, Branch Technician, both ensured the team onsite had all the stock they needed and that all the paperwork was completed effectively; Mobile Hose Technicians: Dave Bushell, Ross Whitehouse, Tony Brindley and Area Sales Manager, Steve Tomkins.

Steve said: “Dave Bushell and Ross Whitehouse delivered first class workmanship for our customer.  Assisted by myself, we referenced all hose locations and operations, removed, and replaced all the parts that needed swapping out safely and correctly.  Working alongside Ross and Dave is always a pleasure and we each bring our knowledge, experience, personalities, and professionalism to a project like this which is key to its success.”

Ross added: “This project was something different 100% from my usual day-to-day work and a pleasure to collaborate closely with our customer getting to know them more and more each day.  During the refit both Dave and I made recommendations with regards to alternative routing and repositioning of the hoses and fittings to ensure complete operation was maintained allowing better flow with less restrictions.”

Dave said: “While working on this massive rail machine removing all the hoses will undoubtably make some mess.  I took it upon myself to ensure any spill that we created was cleaned up regularly, so we reduced any risk of a slip hazard.  We also removed all the old hoses and waste created from site and disposed of correctly via our local branch.”  

Steve added: “It is great to support a company like Keltbray where they understand that although a hose assembly looks okay on the outside, internally the story may not be the same.  Continuous use of any hydraulic hose will over time result in wear and tear internally which the naked eye cannot see.

“Over time, the hose will break down on the inside with a risk of delamination, which can cause particle contamination in the hydraulic oil, bypassing any filtration, all of which would result in machine failure at any time.  Keltbray recognise this and continually look at any aging hoses and turn to Hydroscand to replace them.  This will help maintain the quality and properties of the oil, reducing the effects of contaminated oil flowing through expensive hydraulic motors, pumps and valves which can sometimes result in failure and extended downtime.

“For many hose technicians this project would be quite daunting, but our technicians systematically and professionally worked together to efficiently complete and meet timelines set by our customer.  This is a critical operational machine requiring to always be ready for work even during this refurbishment process.  Hydroscand understood this and worked closely with the Keltbray team to ensure its readiness should it be called to go out on track.”   

What is the future for Keltbray Rail Plant and Hydroscand?

Keltbray Rail Plant are always maintaining our machines to a very high standard and supplying the rail industry with safe and reliable equipment is paramount.  Hydroscand’s involvement to help us achieve this, is fundamental to the reliability of our machines and company reputation.



Published at: 03-06-2024
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