Hydroscand follows the recommendations given by national health authorities

National health authorities have introduced further measures to prevent the spread of infection and UK businesses are urged to severely restrict their activities in the future.

Hydroscand UK wants to do what it can to help reduce the risk of infection and as a result, all employees who can work remotely home have already been sent home.

We emphasize that all our nine branches are open to customers and deliveries will continue as normal. As of today, we have no suppliers that have stopped their deliveries to us.

All work on customer sites will continue as planned vie our HoseExpress teams. However, physical meetings will not be conducted for a period of time till we are in a situation where these can be resumed again safely. Our Sales team is available to customers on Microsoft Teams, Skype, telephone or via email correspondence. We want to maintain a positive customer dialogue and at the same time prevent further coronavirus infection.

The time ahead will be challenging, but Hydroscand is aiming to maintain business as usual, as far as possible.

Published at: 17-03-2020
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