Hydroscand Machine Company Launches New H60D Swager

In 2020, Hydroscand Machine launched a range of lightweight crimping machines. These have proved to be extremely popular due to the genuine portability of the H16LW handheld machine and the significantly reduced weight of the H24LW, meaning service vehicles fitted with this machine can carry 50kg additional stock.

Following on from the success of the lightweight machines and in line with customer demand, Hydroscand Machine has developed the H60D AutoCal 4” Crimper.

The H60D is designed to be used for the toughest applications and has a crimping range of up to 128 mm, 350-ton crimping force and can crimp hoses up to 4” diameter.

It is an ideal machine for a workshop, hose branch or hose assembly production facility. With this machine you can press the toughest hydraulic hoses, and industrial hoses up to 4”. The H60 machine provides increased flexibility in terms of the range it can provide.

It is available as the H60D BASIC model or as H60D AUTOCAL. The latter is equipped with a user-friendly digital control for faster entry of crimping data. The automatic calibration system warns you at pre-set intervals that calibration is needed, and calibration can be completed in just ten seconds!

Hydroscand Machine AB manufactures a wide range of assembly machines and accessories for the hydraulic hose industry.  Hydroscand Group’s 50 plus years of experience in the hose assembly business has given us a unique understanding in the needs of machine operators and informs the production and development of our large machine range.

Our machines are built to be as environmentally friendly as possible, easy to use, ergonomically designed and of course meet high international safety standards corresponding to European CE-regulations. Our focus is on quality, safety, reliability, and ergonomics.

If you want to know more about the new H60D or any of the Hydroscand Machine range, contact us now.

The latest complete Hydroscand Machine catalogue is available to download from our website here.

Published at: 17-11-2021
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