Hydroscand UK - Great offers on hydraulic oils, grease and accessories

Now available in our branches are some great deals on hydraulic oils, grease, grease guns, jugs and accessories. Free gifts available with a purchase.

Hydraulic Oils

Kerax Hyperdrive KX+ ISO VG 46 Hydraulic oil
£27.50 20 litre
£228.85 199 litre

Kerax Hyperdrive KX+ ISO VG 32 Hydraulic oil
£27.50 20 litre
£228.85 199 litre


Premium Hi-Temp EP2 Grease cartridge
£3.49 400g

EP2 Grease cartridge
£1.99 400g

Pin and bush grease cartridge
£1.99 400g

Grease guns

Budget side-lever grease gun

Standard side-lever grease gun

12v battery powered grease gun kit

Funnels, jugs and pans

Garage funnel with filter

Offset funnel with strainer



£3.50 2-litre
£5.25 5-litre

Drain pan

£13.25 14-litre


Safelock grease coupler

12in high-pressure grease hose assembly

Four-jaw grease coupler

Free gifts

Special gifts are available with purchases. Ask your local branch technician for details.

For more information on this offer please contact one of our branches or call 0800 0116 999.

Published at: 28-07-2020
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