Hydroscand UK and Ward - Supporting Waste Management

Ward is the largest independent metal, waste management and recycling specialist in the Midlands, operating nationally from seven sites in the UK with a fleet of over 120 vehicles.  The multi-award winning company was established in 1940 as a family-run metal recycler and has grown to incorporate commercial, industrial and household waste and skip hire.  Today Ward has an annual turnover in excess of £150m and employs over 400 people.


Ward has a high demand for hydraulic hose, used to maintain its fleet of waste handling and recycling machinery.  From large on-site frag machines to mobile crushers, tippers and waste machines - high-quality, reliable hydraulic and industrial hose is vital to keep operations going and minimise costly downtime.

When a machine suffers a hydraulic breakdown the company has two options – order the hose and fittings and fix it themselves or call a third-party company to carry out the emergency repair on-site.

After many years of using the same hydraulic hose supplier, Ward began to notice the number of repairs required was becoming too frequent. In short, the hose was blowing off the machinery repeatedly and too frequently, with potential to cause serious accidents, so looked at bringing some of the maintenance in house.

After a little research Ward soon realised the problem wasn’t the hose, which was of high-quality, but the hose assembly and fitting of the hose that was causing repeated problems.

So, Ward sought out a new supplier that could offer the same high-quality hose, but with better fitting and aftercare, that they could partner with.

A quick search for ‘hydraulic hose repair’ led the company to Hydroscand.


As a manufacturer, retailer, fitter and distributor of hydraulic and industrial hose and fittings, Hydroscand was able to offer a high-quality product and top-quality service to reduce the number of repairs required to Ward’s machinery, saving time and money.

The company also bought some Hydroscand Machines for swaging so that its employees could assemble the hose themselves on-site.  Hydroscand provided training to Ward in how to operate and correctly swage the hose to reduce faults and ‘blow-offs’.


Ward is now experiencing a reduced number of emergency breakdown call-outs and therefore an increase in productivity.

The relationship between Hydroscand and Ward has grown over the years to see the HoseExpress mobile technician accompanying Ward during site visits for its Special Projects division, to offer expert hydraulic advice and support.

“Our relationship with Hydroscand has been a key factor in reducing downtime of essential waste management and processing equipment to increase productivity. We’ve really benefitted from advice and support from their technical team. Partnering with Hydroscand has meant that we are able to manage and maintain some machinery in-house, as well as knowing there is a trusted and reliable provider on hand to support us with equipment that needs bespoke parts or higher pressures.” - Donald Ward, Operations Director, Ward.com.

Ward employees frequently visit local Hydroscand branches to purchase hydraulic hose, fittings and accessories.  The location of the branches makes it easy for Ward to get same-day supplies and expert over-the-counter advice.


“It’s great that we have saved time and increased profitability for Ward. We always strive to provide quality services and solutions that benefit our customers in this way.

“The fact that we are supporting Ward with training and working alongside them to provide technical advice further demonstrates the value of our local relationships.”  - Rebecca Galley, Managing Director, Hydroscand UK.

Published at: 26-05-2020
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