Why Hydroscand are affiliated to the BFPA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme

Why Hydroscand are affiliated to the BFPA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme

Rebecca Galley, Managing Director at Hydroscand UK, talks about the importance of being part of the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) Approved Assemblies Scheme, and how this benefits our customers.

We are now officially a member of the BFPA Q Mark Approved Hose Assembly Scheme: https://bfpa.co.uk/hosescheme/find-your-local-supplier/.

Rebecca believes that being part of the scheme demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards.

Rebecca said: “There are a good number of companies involved in the scheme, and by standing together with them and promoting best practice, we can play a small part in improving the industry standards overall.

“At Hydroscand UK, we were already fully committed to safety, quality and training. Being able to display the ‘Q’ Approved logo reinforces that loud and clear to our customers. It is great that we can help to champion the importance of safe working practices throughout the fluid power industry.”

“For years, our customers have received quality products hose assemblies from us at Hydroscand.

“Affiliation to the BFPA scheme and displaying the ‘Q’ for quality logo offers additional confidence to our existing customers and to companies considering working with us. We are committed to high quality products and standards of training and safety. In turn good quality products reduce downtime or improve speed in production for them.

“Equally, customers can come to us for a replacement hose or use our HoseExpress mobile hose repair service with confidence.”

Our teams receive regular training through the BFPA. A recent example of training includes, a two-day BFPA Hose Assembly Skills Training Course, held at our head office in Nottingham.

Mark Skinner, Branch Manager at our Plymouth branch, along with his colleagues attended the course, which included a practical assessment aimed at developing the correct method of hose assembly and fitting procedures.

Mark said: “The course helped to reinforce knowledge that I have gained over the last 12 months and provided new tools and tips for thread identification and production techniques.”

He added: “The practical elements of the course allowed me to gain confidence in using different equipment and sharing different experiences with other colleagues on the course.”

By continuing to train our teams to industry standards and maintaining our commitment to both our quality management system and the BFPA Approved Assemblies Scheme we can offer excellent customer service and confidence to our customers.

Published at: 20-07-2021
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