Hydroscand was founded in 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden. We are today a global provider of services and solutions for hoses, connections and related customer needs.


Hydroscand Group organisation

Hydroscand Group is the parent company of all Hydroscand’s operations. We pride ourselves on being close to our customers and operate a decentralised business model. At the same time, Hydroscand Group’s size in the market offers significant benefits to our customers, so we have centrally coordinated certain business-critical functions such as procurement, product technology and testing, supply chain, IT, strategic business development and sustainability.

Dedicated to the Flow

We work innovatively, are customer-driven and we strive to always find solutions that help our customer increase their productivity and profitability. We are committed to protecting our customers from operational disruptions and unscheduled downtime. We offer an extensive and innovative service portfolio supplemented by a broad product range. Our solutions are available through Hydroscand branches, mobile service vans, production centers and distributors.

Local champions with global presence

With operations in 18 countries, more than 260 hose service branches, over 140 HoseExpress service vans and over 500 resellers, we are always strategically positioned to support our customers’ operations. Our decentralised organisation, customer-driven supply chain and knowledgeable local staff enables us to support our customers quickly and cost-effectively, wherever they are operating.


Sustainability is a key strategic focus for Hydroscand. We worked hard to outline our sustainability aims over recent years. Our Sustainability brochure is available to download here. We will soon publish more insights in our coming Sustainability report in 2024.


Hydroscand has a sustainability vision

·         Offer our employees best in class health and working conditions

·         Constantly reduce our environmental impact

·         Constantly evolve our purchasing and supplier process responsibility

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