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Hydroscand’s Cross Over range of fittings is one of the most comprehensive available in the market place. They are suitable for a wide range of fluids such as hydraulic oils, solvents, gases etc.

Hydroscand CrossOver couplings are adapted to hydraulic hoses with 1-layer to 4-layer steel inserts. They can be used for most media, such as hydraulic oil, solvents, gases, air and water. For applications with pulsations and high pressure, we recommend our Interlock Series 4400.

Imprintable Caps - Multiple Material Qualities

All cones are manufactured in one piece, except for compact angles that can be soldered. Hydroscand stores most hinges in material acid-proof, in addition to the standard range now available in 3 worthy chrome. This is considered far better for the environment than 6 worthy chrome, as was commonplace earlier.

Hydroscand can supply compressible cones in other materials on request.

Material:  Mild steel acc. to EN 10277-3:2008, DIN 1.0718, 11SMnPb30 or equal.
Surface Treatment: E- coated Fe/Zn 8 P1T CR 6 FREE

There are 3 types of nuts on the Hydroscand female fittings:

Female fittings with no suffix have a crimped nut, for example 42010404
Female fittings with suffix 1 have a thrust wire nut, for example 420104041


 Assembly instructions for cross over fittings

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