Hose Assemblies and Bespoke Hose Kits

Hose Assemblies & Hose Kits

From our three production centres, we serve a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with hose assemblies and kits specific to their individual requirements. These customers manufacture goods in varied industries from agriculture to construction to marine. We can also deliver to suit your production needs. 




As well as our global OEM offering, Hydroscand works closely with OEM customers locally and provides hose assemblies and hose kits to bespoke specifications.

We have production facilities in Redruth, Gloucester and Nottingham. As the production side of our business has continued to grow, we have made significant investment in new dedicated hose assembly lines and a dedicated kitting area. This facility is colocated with our central warehouse, meaning the teams have access to our extensive quality stock instantly. These new lines have been in constant use every working day since being installed. It has made the process of making hoses and hose kits faster and more efficient, which in turn means a better customer experience.

If you're looking for a supplier of hose assemblies, get in touch with us and out technical team will be in touch to discuss you requirements. 

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