Aaron Goffin, Area Sales Manager gives his expert opinion on our hoses

Over the last few months, we have released three videos on our social channels, of Aaron Goffin, Area Sales Manager for our Midlands branches, giving his expert opinion on our hoses: 4SH Hose Non-Skive Fittings; High Temperature Hose and the XT6 Hose.


4SH Hose Non-Skive Fittings

Aaron said: “Most 4SH hoses have to be skived in some way, i.e., inside or out or just outside. We now have a range of ferrules and fittings that are non-skive, so the hoses don’t need skiving at all.

“To manufacture a hose without skiving, it’s cut down the time to make it, it’s a lot simpler.

“The hose has the MED accreditation, which is the European Standard accreditation. Then we have MSHA, which is Mining Safety accreditation, and then it’s DNV approved as well, it’s approved for offshore, so the marine industry.”


High Temperature Hose

 “Anyone who comes in who needs a high temperature application, we supply a Hydroscand Hi-Temp 1 EN 853 hose.

“If we supplied one that only worked at 100 degrees, it’s going to fail within weeks.

“For anything around engine bays, hot environments, carrying hot oil or air, this is the hose we’ll use.

“From my experience, what usually happens is, someone comes into the trade counter and gives us a hose that is melted to pieces, because they are running hot oil through it and it’s just a standard hose. So that’s when I can sell them this.

“Especially on compressors, someone will come in with a compressor hose and you can snap it in half, it’s got that hot it’s cooked itself. So, that’s what this hose is for.”


XT6 Hose

Aaron showed a genuine XT6 Hose with a Hydroscand branded cover. He said: “The Industry knows if you’ve got to fit a 420-bar hose, usually it’s really stiff and rigid. This one is so flexible; it’s got the flexibility of a standard hose.”


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Published at: 15-10-2021
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