Exciting journey from Apprentice to Mobile Hose Technician

In November 2020, Corey Lewis joined our Nottingham branch as an Apprentice Hose Technician.

Corey said: “I started as an apprentice on production. One day, Oliver Roberts, Senior Hose Technician took me out to a job on the van. I knew then what I wanted to do.

“Then Jason Byrne, the then Branch Manager, needed support and took me on as a Branch Technician.”

In December 2023, Corey became a mobile hose technician. Corey said: “I have completed three small jobs so far and I am training to work on the bigger machines.

“I am proud of the work I have done, I can see the differences I am making and I can say, I’ve done that. When I was working in the branch, I helped customers fix problems, now I am out there fixing problems onsite.”

It's great to hear about Corey's journey from an apprentice to becoming a mobile hose technician. His commitment and dedication to learning the skills required for this role are truly commendable. It's clear that he is passionate about his work and finds fulfilment in helping customers solve problems onsite.

Jason added: “Since Corey came in as an apprentice at 16, he has had a great attitude to learning and developing his skills within the company.

“From day one he has been interested in going out on the mobile van and is keen to learn and grow the business. I think he will do a great job as he has a great customer focus and is willing to go the extra mile and he is also not afraid to ask for help when he needs it.

“I have already had good feedback from customers he has visited. Keep up the good work Corey.”

Corey's progression is a testament to the opportunities available within the company for career growth and development.

Published at: 07-02-2024
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