Hydroscand UK Team Elevates Expertise With Training at Hydroscand Machine AB

During September a team of five Hydroscand UK employees (Kelvin Curnow, Dave Bushell, Aaron Wonnacott, Jason Bray and Nick Thomas), attended a three-day training session with Hydroscand Machine AB located approximately two hours north of Stockholm at their factory based in the idyllic town of Säter. They also got to visit Hydroscand’s Group Head Quarters in Stockholm, whilst they were there.

Kelvin Curnow, Area Sales Manager, was impressed by the group’s operations. He said: “We had the opportunity to observe Hydroscand’s infamous Design and Test Centre in action utilising state of the art test equipment constantly performing rigorous tests on our hoses and fittings to ensure continuous quality standards are maintained. 

“Moving through the factory we visited the warehouse and packing area where we had an opportunity to watch the automated robots in action picking components effortlessly, accurately and tirelessly to fulfil customer orders. Totally mesmerising to watch.

Focussing on the machine training, Kelvin added:

“The training emphasis was based on product fault finding along with dismantling and re-assembling of the swaging machine product group starting with the highly popular H16P through to the very latest H60 workshop model and of course the H120 production machine.

“Our first day on site for training we were warmly welcomed by Admir Paratusic, (CEO Machine AB) followed by a factory tour with the opportunity to meet and converse with his team throughout the tour. Such a great team to meet.

“Our training was to be conducted and overseen by Service Engineer, Ove Karlsson and it became immediately apparent his expertise, passion and in-depth knowledge in this product sector is immense. The training was very much a ‘hands-on greasy affair’ evenly paced with abundant opportunities to ask related questions which Ove always found the time to respond and deliver his knowledgeable answers.

“Over the next couple of days several Hydroscand machines were dismantled and rebuilt by the team carefully overlooked by Ove and adhering to his guidance ensuring all sequences were followed such as correct torque settings, seal fitment & alignment etc and ensuring correct machine calibration parameters were met.

“On our last day we were all pleased to hear that we’d successfully passed the training requirements set out by Hydroscand AB and were presented with supporting certificates handed out by Admir and Ove following a round of quick-fire questions and answers.

“Overall, it was a fantastic experience to witness, watch and learn how our machines start their life and move through the various stages of assembly until completion before they’re packed and shipped to worldwide destinations.

“Having now experienced and physically worked with our machines has certainly broadened my existing knowledge and given me a greater understanding and pride to continue offering our machines into the UK market knowing we can deliver, support, and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.

“A huge thank you to Admir, Andreas, Ove and the Machine AB team for keeping us all entertained throughout our stay. A special thanks to Admir for spending time with us and for the scenic tours of the area with breathtaking views across Falun.”

Dave Bushell, Mobile Hose Technician added: “It was a privilege getting the opportunity to visit Hydroscand Machine AB in sweden. We received some excellent training and was made to feel like part of the team, an amazing trip all round.”

Aaron Wonnacott, Mobile Hose Technician said: ”They couldn’t have treated me any better and made me more part of the Hydroscand Machine family.”

Now that our team is fully competent to repair your crimping machine, and carry out scheduled calibration and service for swagers across the UK. Please contact us for more information.

Published at: 23-10-2023
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